This is a working preview of the new Folded Note Design site. Like, seriously pre-alpha level. I mean, like, "Hey, come check out my new place, NO DON'T GO INTO THE BASEMENT WE FORGOT TO INSTALL THE STAIRS AND ALSO THERE ARE WOLVES DOWN THERE" levels of not-there-yet-ness. Which is to say pretty much anything is likely to break. It's a work in progress and I love where the progress is taking me. Feedback is awesome.

For the current version, where all the links ought to work, visit

Something about unicorns?

I've made some websites. They've worked, and they've survived, and that's made me feel pretty awesome.

The day job site

By day, I'm the guy behind this site.

(It's nearing the end of 2015 as I write this; some time before this year ends, you should see the new responsive site I've spent most of the year building. If it's not responsive yet, check back soon. It will be. And it will be awesome.)

The Folded Note Design site

The site you're looking at right now? Is also all me. I'm working on writing up some notes about process, build tools, other nerdy stuff.

This is the second version of the site. (I'm working on creating a static archive of the original version, for the curious and for the sake of documenting my own madnesses and as a cheap excuse to learn how to do that sort of thing.)


The BECA website is one of my biggest pride-and-joys things. I developed it site from the ground up, making a fixed-width design responsive in the process. I'm proud of it.

Welcome to Munchen, Minnesota

I created a fun page for the Munchen, Minnesota podcast.

MoMo Companies Website

I designed and developed the website for MoMo Companies.

Some words about the web

There's a blog post or two I've either written or need to write about my thoughts about web building and about what I bring to the table when it comes to web stuff.