This is a working preview of the new Folded Note Design site. Like, seriously pre-alpha level. I mean, like, "Hey, come check out my new place, NO DON'T GO INTO THE BASEMENT WE FORGOT TO INSTALL THE STAIRS AND ALSO THERE ARE WOLVES DOWN THERE" levels of not-there-yet-ness. Which is to say pretty much anything is likely to break. It's a work in progress and I love where the progress is taking me. Feedback is awesome.

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Here's some samples of the student work I did during my time in the design/art program at Cleveland State University.

No Crumbs poster

The brief was to design a poster for classroom use to inspire an interest in reading in young children. I found inspiration in Hansel and Gretel.

NASA Orion Module Booklet

For this one the brief was to design a promotional booklet that excites high school students about working for and learning more about NASA. This time, I found inspiration in the zombie apocalypse.

Bent Crayon: Corporate ID project

We did a branding overhaul project; I redid the logo and letterhead for a local music shop.

I Am In Here: Kinetic Type video

I did a self-initiated project exploring the intersection of books and design; my favorite outcome was this kinetic type interpretation of the opening of Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

The Reds

This graphic novel chapter was a self-initiated project for my Drawing III class.