This is a working preview of the new Folded Note Design site. Like, seriously pre-alpha level. I mean, like, "Hey, come check out my new place, NO DON'T GO INTO THE BASEMENT WE FORGOT TO INSTALL THE STAIRS AND ALSO THERE ARE WOLVES DOWN THERE" levels of not-there-yet-ness. Which is to say pretty much anything is likely to break. It's a work in progress and I love where the progress is taking me. Feedback is awesome.

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I love logo design.

When it comes to really pure design projects, this is probably my favorite thing to do. I dig working in my sketchbook just for the practice and pleasure of it, but being able to use it to solve a design problem in a way that's going to last is exciting, to me.

S.D. Evans Quilts

If you'd told me when I was young that, one day, I'd get to design a logo that would be attached to really beautiful quilts, I'd probably have gotten into design a lot sooner than I did.

Snap-on Business Solutions product logos

By day I work for Snap-on Business Solutions. I've had the opportunity to design a few logos during my time there.

Bent Crayon corporate I.D. project

This was a student project from my time at Cleveland State University, but I'm still pretty stoked by the logo I created for it.

Graphic novel logos

I've taken a couple stabs at starting some graphic novel projects. Both of them—this one and this one—gave me thin excuses to design logos. (I could see myself starting a new project just to have an occasion to do another logo for myself.)

Folded Note Design

And of course there's the FND logo itself.