This is a working preview of the new Folded Note Design site. Like, seriously pre-alpha level. I mean, like, "Hey, come check out my new place, NO DON'T GO INTO THE BASEMENT WE FORGOT TO INSTALL THE STAIRS AND ALSO THERE ARE WOLVES DOWN THERE" levels of not-there-yet-ness. Which is to say pretty much anything is likely to break. It's a work in progress and I love where the progress is taking me. Feedback is awesome.

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Square pegs. Round holes. Hammers, hammers, hammers.

Tossed-off visual experiments and ephemera. Random design thoughts. Sporadic behind-the-scenes chatter. Stuff that just doesn't fit. A blog.

About those wolves...

Has not been updated since.

Not to foreground my shame, but, here's a handy-dandy list of things I know are semi-to-oh-my-valve broken across the site, which I'm offering up as a mix between a to-do list and...a teaching moment, of some sort?

  • Tag views are busted. So if you click on a tag to see related projects and posts and pages, it's not going to look awesome.
  • The contact form works but somewhere along the line my color scheme fell apart over there. I need to fix that.
  • Video blocks don't quite work right at some lower-sized screen levels.

If you see anything I've missed, and you're feeling kind, I'd love to hear about it.

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Processing in Motion

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Well, okay, a mix of Processing and After Effects; I forget exactly where one began and the other ended. Whatever: flipping back through my YouTube channel, which is supposed to be kind of a sketchbook of animation who-knows-what, reminded me how much fun I was having with that stuff before I got distracted by the silly little old redesign-and-redevelop-the-entire-portfolio-site project, and why I need to start working back in some time on projects that don't require decades to complete.

That said, this video would be so much more fun with music. Obviously. Which is exactly where I was going next, I think, if I remember correctly.

About the site redesign

Last updated on October 20, 2015 - 11:33 pm.

When I originally launched this site, I had a couple goals. One was just to have a portfolio site, period; another was to have it be a Drupal site; another was to have it be a responsive site. I accomplished all that stuff, and I'm still pretty proud of it, but I've kind of sort of dropped the ball on keeping it fresh, keeping it updated, keeping it evolving. This new site design is, in part, a reaction to that, and an acknowledgment of lessons learned.

One lesson learned being in large part that I'm interested less in having a straight-forward portfolio site, more in having a place where I can tell the story about all this stuff I do, put it in some kind of context, and continue to reevaluate it as my processes, life, and learning change. Which is why, yup, there's suddenly more words all over the place, leading you into the projects. Words which will probably change every time I look at any page or another.

Because so much of the stuff I like to work on in my own time and way tends to be in the margins, I wanted a site where I could work that stuff into the flow more easily and kind of let the rest of the site morph around it. I like the idea of the super finalized polished portfolio stuff commingling with the stack of half-baked sketchbook pages or Blender projects that didn't add up to much but which I learned a ton from. I do believe, as much as I have trouble reminding myself sometimes that I really do believe this, that it's all part of the same flow.

In a way, I guess this new design and structure borrows heavily from the notion of the essay. It's all attempt. Nothing is perfect. But continuing to try to get to perfect makes a difference.

Fun with Processing

Has not been updated since.

I've been playing around with Processing (and Illustrator and Photoshop and and and) lately. Nothing too earth-shattering but experimenting with pattern-making has been a lot of fun; I've been spending too much time over in the web-making side of my digital-creative brain lately, so playing with visuals again has been a breath of fresh air.

Blender/Python Scripting Experiments

Last updated on December 01, 2014 - 10:58 pm.

I'd never describe myself as a hard-core developer, but I grew up tinkering with enough code to get the gist of it ingrained somewhere into my brain, and I still enjoy working with it enough to want to keep pushing my skills at least a little bit further; there's a thrill that comes from a bunch of text and numbers over here resulting in something cool happening over there. I've been experimenting with Blender over the last year, and the fact that it brings here and there really close together by dumping Python into the middle of everything and letting you go nuts with it out of the box means I've been learning a little bit of Python lately, looking for ways to make lots of cool things happen with as little effort as possible. (Lazy is good, in some scenarios.)

So I've been experimenting with using scripting and creating controller objects that will make lots of other objects do...well, right now, pretty much literally anything, to show I can get that far. Make one cube get big? Make a thousand cubes get big. These experiments aren't exactly the most exciting things to look at. But, playing with the code, slapping scenes together, making cubes dance a little bit, it does get the ideas flowing, and I can see the stories that might just come out of this stuff.

I'm collecting these somewhat tossed-off experiments in a YouTube playlist here.


Last updated on November 07, 2014 - 7:40 pm.

Random Blender typography/particles experiment.

Or Eve Progress Shot

Last updated on October 28, 2014 - 9:28 pm.

Things like this happen as I simultaneously work on learning how to work Blender and figure out where the rest of Or Eve might go. There's about a million things "wrong" with this image but part of the occasional fun of leaving the sketchwork behind and just diving in and throwing some stuff together is seeing where you might surprise yourself; and here, it's with that head-shape, which is both exactly like a sketch somewhere in my sketchbook and absolutely nothing like I would have been able to communicate to myself with a pencil. I figure as skills on both sides rise the gap between intent and outcome might lessen, but for now it's great fun to find unexpected results through such simple means. And really I hope the gap doesn't close entirely, just for that reason.

Image created and rendered in Blender and doctored in Photoshop.