This is a working preview of the new Folded Note Design site. Like, seriously pre-alpha level. I mean, like, "Hey, come check out my new place, NO DON'T GO INTO THE BASEMENT WE FORGOT TO INSTALL THE STAIRS AND ALSO THERE ARE WOLVES DOWN THERE" levels of not-there-yet-ness. Which is to say pretty much anything is likely to break. It's a work in progress and I love where the progress is taking me. Feedback is awesome.

For the current version, where all the links ought to work, visit

Here's a story for you: once upon a time, there was a writer who became a designer.

Spoiler: he didn't forget how to write, exactly.

What is Folded Note Design?

It's my design portfolio, a home for experiments, a work in progress about work in progress: Folded Note Design is a lot of things crashing together.

Most importantly, it's a chance for you to get to know me. If you'd like me to get to know you, and/or a project you'd like my help with, drop me a line.

Things I do

I have far-ranging design interests. (It's a blessing.) (It's a curse.)

I've been focusing lot lately on web design and development. I get to be both wildly creative and a huge nerd all at once.

I love logo design. I love all the problem-solving complexity you can pour intro something, just so that it winds up feeling so...solved.

My heart also beats an extra beat or two for motion design. Moving things around in time and space is cool.

By day

I work here; I'm the guy behind that website. Which, any day now, is going to become an entirely new, improved website; I'll be the guy behind that one, too.

I'm also responsible for producing pretty much everything on the company YouTube page.

Student work

I did the nights-and-weekends thing at Cleveland State University for a while, to get some more design and craft practice under my belt. I did a few cool things there.


I started my career as a writer; it's how I discovered design. There's a story to be told there, though, ironically, I haven't written it yet. Suffice it to say I love bringing that background to the table on every design project I touch.

Most of my writing isn't design related, but I'm happy to share it with you, if you're curious.

Just the thumbnails, please

You ask, I provide.

Why is this site like this?

Here's a story for you.